How to Treat Scabies

Scabies needs to be treated as soon as possible. However, too many people wait until they’ve exhausted every home remedy and quack medication in the book. Don’t live with itchiness and pain. Get rid of the social stigma of scabies as soon as possible using these treatment methods.

What is scabies? Scabies is an infection caused by a microscopic parasitic mite. It infests the skin, crawling and tunneling its way underneath. It lives on skin cells, and lays eggs which allow it to multiply. Your doctor will diagnose it by looking for scabies burrows, which are thin white lines where the mite has tunneled through. These are hard to see without a magnifying glass. To know what to look for, make sure you examine some pictures of scabies first.

Once you have a diagnosis, you’ll start on a prescription scabicide. There are natural remedies that purport to kill the bug, but they are hard to use effectively as there are very little controls on the concentration of active ingredients. Your best bet is to use the prescription cream, which is more effective than the pill. The doctor will recommend which brand and dosage is best for your personal situation.

Most of these creams need to be applied once or twice a day to the entire body. In some cases, this also includes the scalp and face. Usually, you need to be treated for seven to ten days to kill the mite and its eggs. It’s also recommended to treat everyone in the house at the same time to prevent reinfection.

Most people will continue to have a reaction to the mite for up to six weeks after it is dead. This causes them to assume the medicine did not work. Your doctor can prescribe you an antihistamine to help ease the allergy symptoms and make you feel normal again.