The Decider on Self Worth is You!

If you have ever taken a lifeguarding class, one of the first things you learn is that your safety is more important than the objective. How can you save someones life if you yourself are in danger? This mentality is a great way to view other situations. How can you help someone be happy if you are not happy? By first focusing internally, it will be seen externally.

1. Establish your Foundation:

My grandfather once told me, “Don’t do something that will prevent you from looking at yourself in the mirror”. This is something that has allows stuck with me. It made me realize that as long as I respect and value myself, others will too.

Self worth isn’t defined by how much you give to charity or volunteer at your local food bank. Not saying these aren’t noble techniques to building self worth. But the worth of ones self can only be determined by that person. No one can tell you how valuable you are, only you can do that.

What do you see as value in a person? In order to answer this question, you have to understand what you find important. Another answer is to understand what drives or influences your decisions. Maybe you believe honesty is important above all so you try your best to always tell the truth. This is something only you can answer.

Ok now its time to find that foundation…

First, we have to see where we are now. I believe this is one of the hardest steps. Life is full of bumps and no one is perfect. Once we understand where we are in the present, that is when we can build for the future. Investing in yourself is one of the most important decisions you can do.

It’s impossible to establish your foundation until you realize you are responsible for the answers and understand what is valuable.

2. Pick a Direction:

It is very important to have goals. Some believe that you should go as far as developing the life in our mind and live it until that life becomes a reality. This is very similar to the “fake it till you make it” mind set. I believe this is a real technique that does work. This is definitely an artistic or creative way of making our goals a reality. Sometimes you can’t relief on your logic or rational self to make things happen for you.

It is also important to set yourself up with short term goals to help you along the way. Each one of these short term goals can be viewed as a milestone. These milestones allow you to have something to focus on and should guide you towards your goal. As long as you reach each milestone you will reach your goal. This is the difficult part because you must understand what you need to do to get where you want to be.

Goals aimed at making ourselves happy first will manifest itself externally. This is easy to accomplish when the steps to happiness are simple and stress free. Milestones, or short term goals, allow you to focus on reasonable and achievable steps toward success.

3. Interrupt Yourself

Life isn’t always easy so we can assume that building self worth is either. But there is one easy thing. Ignoring yourself. It’s simple to distract yourself with the external world. This is why taking time for yourself to remind yourself of your goals and values is important.

An interesting technique is interruption. Were taught that interrupting people is rude and we shouldn’t do it. But what about interrupting ourselves? I believe it is important to interrupt ourselves from becoming stagnant in our lives.

Building self worth is an active process and it takes time. By taking the time to look at yourself, set up goals, and keep yourself moving forward, you will see value in yourself and so will the world.